Alliance for Potato Research & Education

2017 Request for Research Proposals: Letter of Intent

Feb 15, 2017

General/Overall Health

The Alliance for Potato Research and Education (APRE) is dedicated to funding research in a credible and transparent manner that a) expands knowledge about the nutritional properties of potatoes, and b) explores the role of potatoes in a healthy diet.

For calendar year 2017, APRE announces its key research priorities and seeks letters of intent (LOI) for clinical, preclinical and observational studies that address the following issues:

Potatoes in a Healthy Lifestyle

• Impact of potatoes on short-term physical performance and/or recovery in well-trained athletes
• Impact of potato consumption by toddlers on diet quality and various health indices, particularly in food desert areas

Potatoes in Healthy Dietary Patterns

• Impact of potatoes in plant- vs animal protein-based diets on various health indices
• Impact of potatoes alone or as a part of various healthy meals on glycemic index and/or satiety

Potato Consumption in Cardiometabolic Health and Disease

• Impact of potato consumption on Type II diabetes, glycemic control and/or overweight/obesity
• Impact of potato consumption on markers of cardiovascular health and disease, serum lipids, etc.

Gut Microbiome

• Impact of potato resistant starch on gut microbiome
• Impact of processing on the resistant starch content, calorie content and glycemic index of a potato

The LOI is due by Friday, March 10, 2017. Please send the LOI to APRE will fund projects with a maximum budget of $200,000.

The LOI should be limited to 2 pages, single space, 11-point font and should include: title, principal investigator, institution, brief introduction, study hypotheses, study aims, experimental approach, budget and timeline. Principal investigators may submit multiple LOIs.

Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Full proposals will be reviewed by recognized content experts.

APRE will hold all information provided by the researcher in confidence while your LOI is under consideration.

Please direct any questions to APRE at

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Dietary Quality among Men and Women in 187 Countries in 1990 and 2010: A Systematic Assessment

Mar 01, 2015 Imamura F, Micha R, Khatibzadeh S, Fahimi S, Shi P, Powles J, et al.

General/Overall Health Nutrition and Nutrients Dietary Guidance/Patterns

View the study published in Lancet Global Health [2015 March;3(3):e132-142. DOI: 10.1016/S2214-109X(14)70381-X].

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White Vegetables: A Forgotten Source of Nutrients: Purdue Roundtable Executive Summary

May 14, 2013 Weaver C, Marr ET

General/Overall Health Fruits/Vegetables Dietary Guidance/Patterns Nutrition and Nutrients

View the Executive Summary of the supplement entitled "White Vegetables: A Forgotten Source of Nutrients" published in Advances in Nutrition [2013 May;4(3):318S-326S].

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Sodium and Potassium Intakes among US Adults: NHANES 2003–2008

Sep 04, 2012 Cogswell ME, Zhang Z, Carriquiry AL, Gunn JP, Kuklina EV, Saydah SH, et al.

Potassium and Blood Pressure General/Overall Health

View the abstract of the study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [2012 September;96(3):647-657].

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Enjoy Your Food...Just Eat Less

Aug 20, 2012

General/Overall Health Nutrition and Nutrients

Choose to eat less and enjoy a healthy plate full of flavor!

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Scientific Brief: Potato Product Innovation—Fats and Dietary Guidance

Jun 29, 2012

General/Overall Health Fats and Oils

White potatoes in all forms, including frozen French fried potatoes (oven heated or deep fried), provide important nutrients, such as potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamin C, and are now prepared with healthier oils. When eaten in moderation, French fried potatoes can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Technological advances continue to improve the nutrition profile of white potatoes in all forms, ensuring this already-nutritious and popular vegetable is aligned with dietary guidance.

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The Nutrient Rich Foods Index Helps to Identify Healthy, Affordable Foods

Apr 28, 2012 Drewnowski A

Nutrition and Nutrients General/Overall Health

View the study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [2010 April;91(4):1095S-1101S].

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Canadians Continue to Consume Too Much Sodium and Not Enough Potassium

Apr 28, 2012 Tanase CM, Koski KG, Laffey PJ, Cooper MJ, Cockell KA

General/Overall Health Nutrition and Nutrients

View the study published in Canadian Journal of Public Health [2011 May-Jun;102(3):164-168].

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Eat and Enjoy a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables on MyPlate

Feb 15, 2012 Slavin J

Nutrition and Nutrients General/Overall Health

Dr. Joanne Slavin shows how all fruits and vegetables can fit on MyPlate.

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Foods, Fortificants, and Supplements: Where Do Americans Get Their Nutrients?

Oct 01, 2011 Fulgoni VL III, Keast DR, Bailey RL, Dwyer J

General/Overall Health Nutrition and Nutrients

View the study published in Journal of Nutrition [2011 October;141(10):1847-1854].

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Potatoes and Human Health

Nov 01, 2009 Camire ME, Kubow S, Donnelly DJ

General/Overall Health Nutrition and Nutrients

View the abstract of the study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition [2009 November;49(10):823-840].

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